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Our Curriculum

While students study towards their GCSE examinations, three key pillars scaffold their learning journey while at Cardiff Montessori High:

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Farm work



The adolescent is discovering who they are and the person they wish to become. What are their unique capabilities and what impact will they have on the people and world around them?

We have a strong focus on moral and ethical development. Students are encouraged to reflect on the impact of their choices and actions. A dedicated adolescent guide helps students to navigate what can be a challenging transitional time for many. In addition to helping guide students in managing their academic schedules, the guide ensures they get to know each student individually and facilitates discussion through ethics, philosophy and religious study lessons.

As students embark on their secondary education they will visit a working farm. They will spend one morning a week working on the farm. This will include mucking out stables, helping with repairs. caring for animals as well as studying the animals and the environment  around them. The farm work develops teamwork, communication and enhances well-being. It also importantly provides real life experiences for further study, ensuring topics like biology, geography, maths and much more are brought to life. The adolescent guide joins students on the farm and helps them link work back to their studies. 

Students are responsible for establishing a viable business that they will independently run. Once again, the aim is for students to develop key life skills in economics and budgeting while also enabling practical applications of business studies, mathematics, language, art and design and a multitude of other subjects.  One morning a week is dedicated to enterprise work. During this time students begin to all have business studies lessons to assist them.

GCSE Options

Students begin studying towards GCSEs from Year 8. (You can find out more about the Year 8 & 9 Curriculum HERE.)


Our focus is to ensure that students leave Cardiff Montessori High with 8-10 GCSEs (at a minimum they must study towards five).  Our learning experiences and lessons are not limited to the GCSE subjects.  We aim to help students discover their strengths and passions so that they are best prepared to progress on to their post 16 studies. .  

This section is currently under construction. Further details of the subjects will follow.  It may be possible for students to enter into additional GCSEs not listed below. 

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